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Electronics: Binary adders simulation.

Download LogicGates3 desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download LogicGates3 source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Electronics related application, showing how logic gates can be used to design binary adders. The program is a simple interactive simulation of a 1-bit-half-adder, a 1-bit-full-adder and a 4-bit-full-adder (such as IC 7483), where the user can choose the circuit's input by opening/closing a switch, letting the current flow and observe the output as LEDs going on or off. To action the switches, just click on them. LEDs with solid color indicate high voltage, LEDs with a pattern color, low voltage.

Change log:
Version 1.0 (December 2019): Original program.
Version 1.1 (March 2020):
    - Bug removal in adder4f unit (array element out of range), thus fixing the program abortion when run under Lazarus debugger.
    - Corrections within the circuit layouts.
    - Some minor code modifications.
Version 1.1.1 (September 2021):
    - Circuit drawing optimisation (proper display).

Free Pascal features: Combining images and shapes to create layouts. Interactively changing brush style and position of shapes. Using transparent images as "click-on areas". Using digits subscripts. Boolean operations (classic Pascal).


Electronics circuits: Binary adder simulation