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Declension of Latin nouns and adjectives.

Déclinaison des substantifs et adjectifs latins (version française de cette page)
Download Latin1 desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Latin1 source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Language trainer, generating exercises concerning the Latin declensions. The user may choose between 3 types of questions:

For any of these options, the question may be displayed in Latin or in French (what beside declension, also makes necessary translation).
The program includes a list of 178 nouns and 90 adjectives being used for the exercises. Select the exercise type, select the nouns declensions and adjectives classes you want to test your knowledge about, choose Nouveau (New) in the Exercice menu and push the Question/Réponse (question/answer) button to generate a new question, resp. to check your answer. Correct and false answers and success percentage are updated after each answer given. To view the complete declension (all cases and - for the adjectives - all genus) of the different noun or adjective models, use the items in the Déclinaisons (declensions) menu.
Help with the Latin declensions and help concerning the application (in French, as the application itself) are included.

Free Pascal features: Complex Pascal structures (classic Pascal). Reading text files (classic Pascal). String grids.


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