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Find the way through the labyrinth.

Download Labyrinth desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Labyrinth source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: A simple labyrinth game, similar to what you do with a pencil, when you try to find your way through a labyrinth in a newspaper or puzzle magazine. Choose an entry (starting point) and, using the arrow keys, move the red square (that's you, so to say) through the paths of the labyrinth until you arrive at an exit (different from the entry, of course).

Note: I did not really find a proper way to generate the labyrinths. Creating random paths is more than complicated. In the actual version of the program, the labyrinth is read from 1 of 3 text files and is then displayed as such or flipped, giving 4 different labyrinths for each of those predefined in the files. Entry and exit points are randomly chosen, of course, and so are the junction points, that connect the different parts of the labyrinth. Beside the text files, the application uses configuration files, that describe the possible paths from an entry to an exit and the junctions between the labyrinth's parts. Not the optimal solution, but I think, that the way to take presents enough variety to keep the game interesting for a certain time.

Free Pascal features: Changing the position of objects during runtime. Making bitmap drawings using canvas. Reading text and Free Pascal INI files. Capturing keyboard events (non-character keys pressed).


Free PC game: Find your way through a variety of labyrinths