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Renal physiology.

Download Kidney desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Kidney source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Kidney is a free PC application, concerning renal physiology. Based on measurement values of the concentrations of a solute in arterial plasma, in the plasma of a renal vein and in urine, and the rate of urine formation, it calculates the glomerular filtration rate, the renal blood flow and the filtration fraction, as well as the amount per minute of solute filtered, reabsorbed, secreted and appearing in urine. The application allows to enter measurement values for up to 3 solutes, only the first of these being mandatory. This first solute is considered to be neither reabsorbed nor secreted, i.e. only filtered (e.g. insulin), thus its clearance represents the actual GFR and its extraction ratio represents the filtration fraction FF, values used to determine the RPF and, if a value for the hematocrit is entered, the RBF. For solute 2 and 3, reabsorbtion/secretion are shown as depending on the comparison of clearance with GFR and of extraction ratio with FF. For each solute, the application shows, that the appearance of solute in urine per minute is given by: amount in urine = amount filtered - amount reabsorbed + amount secreted.

Free Pascal features: Basic controls. Filling memos. Two-dimensional arrays (classic Pascal).


Free renal physiology application for PC: Glomerular filtration