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Weight on an incline.

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Download Incline desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Incline source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Physics program, concerning the frictions as an application of Newton's law, simulating an object slipping along an incline. The user has to enter the properties of the incline, the mass of the object and the friction values (these last ones may also be taken from a table with sample values for given material-pairs). If the static friction force is greater than the force letting slip the object, this one remains at its position. If the angle of the incline is such, that the object may move, the simulation really starts, a simple graphical display showing the object slipping downwards, the display of the distance moved and the actual speed being updated each 0.1 seconds.
A special feature of the application is its automatic pause function. This gives the user the possibility to pause the simulation after a given time (once or repeatably), after a given distance (once or repeatably), or at the moment the object has reached a given speed. This feature may for example be used to find the answer to questions of a physics course test, such as "what is the speed of the object after having slipped a distance of 50m?"
Application help is available as PDF document, as well as the theory and formulas concerning a weight on an incline (in German, as the rest of the application).

Free Pascal features: Usage of timers. Drawings, using bitmap canvas. Simple real time animations, by letting a timer routine draw an object at a display position, defined by a time-dependent function.


Free physics simulation: Weight on an incline