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The Ideal Gas Law (IdealGases).

Description: Chemistry/physics related application, studying the relationships between volume, pressure, temperature and quantity of ideal gases. The program not only allows to calculate the different gas property values but also graphically shows the effect of the variation of one of the gas properties on the others. The user has the possibility to specifically choose what she wants to study: Boyle’s law (volume-pressure), Amontons’s law (pressure-temperature), Charles’s law (volume-temperature), Avogadro’s law (volume-quantity), Ideal Gas Law (combination of the 4 proportionality laws, yielding the formula: PV = nRT).

Improvement: Beside using the trackbars, giving the user the possibility to directly enter the gas property values using the keyboard.

Free Pascal features: Creating and destroying objects during runtime; using trackbars with variable limit values; placing shapes randomly onto a variable form area.


Ideal Gas Law graphical application