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Ungulate quiz (Huftierquiz).


Description: Quiz for 1 or 2 players, consisting in guessing the name of ungulates based on their picture (90 images included in the .zip archive). There are several levels, with increasing number of less common animals; at level 4, general and simplified names, such as "donkey" for "domestic donkey" or "Asian donkey" are no more allowed. Or more correctly their German equivalents, because animal names, as the GUI itself, are in German. Anyway, animal names have not to be entered manually, but are chosen in a combobox list. Beside the quiz, the program offers a slideshow feature, showing pictures of the ungulates, that are part of a given level at one of 4 time intervals, chosen by the user.

Free Pascal features: Strings, containing UTF-8 characters. Reading record based files (classical Pascal). Filling a combobox with data from an array of records. Loading random pictures from .jpg files. Using a timer control to make a slideshow.


Find the name of the ungulate quiz