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Hydrostatic pressure in liquids simulation.

Download HSPressure desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download HSPressure source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Simple physics simulation concerning the hydrostatic pressure in liquids. Moving a manometer downward in a container filled with a given liquid and reading the pressure for this depth, shows that the hydrostatic pressure linearly increases with the depth, and also directly depends on the liquid's density: p = gρh.
You can choose one of some common liquids with given density or enter a custom value. Depth may be entered manually or by moving a trackbar. The hydrostatic pressure may be displayed in either hP, atm or mm Hg.

Free Pascal features: Usage of trackbars. Using the Top property of controls to simulate their vertical movement. Changing the size of shapes during runtime. Changing controls' properties in order to create simple simulations.


Simple physics simulation - Hydrostatic pressure in liquids