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Conjugation of strong and irregular German verbs.

Konjugation der starken und unregelmäßigen deutschen Verben (deutsche Version dieser Seite)
Download GerVerbs desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download GerVerbs source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: GerVerbs is a German grammar application, concerning the conjugation of the strong and the irregular verbs (present tense, simple past and perfect). The program may be used as well as grammar trainer (exercise generator), as well as conjugation application, displaying the 3 tenses mentioned above for a verb, chosen by the user. The verbs are taken from a list with some 1.100 entries. The user has the possibility to choose a language level, the grammatical tense(s) and if compound verbs should be included in the exercise or not. Please, note that in the actual version (and as difference with my Luxembourgish verb conjugation applications), only the verbs in the list can be conjugated, what means, in particular, that the application does not conjugate regular weak verbs or the pronominal form of not mandatory pronominal verbs. Application in German.

Free Pascal features: String grids. UTF8 strings. Reading text files (classic Pascal), arrays of records (classic Pascal).


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