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The geometrical transformations (Geometry3).


Description: Maths application, dealing with geometrical transformations. Transformations available are: translations, simple rotations (rotations with particular angles), simple reflexions (reflexions with particular axis of symetry) and simple homotheties (center of homothety = O). In a Carthesian plane, the student enters the points, defining an "object" (point, segment of a line, triangle or tetragon). The application calculates the image points and draws both the initial and image object. Help, concerning the geometrical transformations (in French, as the program GUI itself), included.

Change log:
    Version 1.0 (December 2020): Original program (translations and simple rotations).
    Version 2.0 (March 2021): Addition of simple reflexions and simple homotheties.

Free Pascal features: Using bitmap canvas for mathematical drawings. Displaying/hiding controls as needed. Filling a Memo object from a text file. Arrays of records (classic Pascal)


Geometrical transformations: Rotation of a tetragon around a point different from the origin
Geometrical transformations: Homothety of a triangle with image enlargement and modified orientation