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Ancient Greek and Roman gods quiz.

Download GRgods desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download GRgods source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Quiz concerning the ancient Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. The application offers 7 quiz types:

The user can choose the display of the gods' names (Greek or Roman), the input method of the gods' names (selection from a list or manual input), and the gods list to be used (14 main gods, or "full list" = 25 gods). For the Gods and their realms (II) and Gods and their symbols (II) quizzes, the user has to check those realms/symbols (out of a choice of 5) that actually are associated with the god given.

Free Pascal features: Re-arranging form controls during runtime. Dynamically changing the caption of labels. Reading data from an edit field or a combobox depending on situation. Handling user answers given by multiple checkbox selections.


Ancient Greek and Roman gods quiz: Guess the god associated with given realms
Ancient Greek and Roman gods quiz: Guess the symbols associated with a given god