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Physics trainer: Perfect fluids dynamics (Fluides2).


Description: Physics trainer (exercise generator) dealing with hydromechanics. The exercises concern beginners level questions about perfect fluid dynamics (simple applications of Bernoulli's law); 7 types of exercises available. The usage of the program is straight forward; no help text needed. Just note, that false answers are highlighted in red and that pushing the "R├ęsultat" (= result) button, the correct answers will be shown.
The application GUI, as the texts, describing the exercises, are in French, but I think that, even if you don't understand this language, the figures should make it possible to see what the questions are about and to solve most exercises. Please, note that results are evaluated with 3 significant decimal digits, but that in intermediate calculations the "real" values (with some 7 significant decimal digits) have to be used!

Free Pascal features: Basic controls. Showing/hiding controls used/not used; changing label captures as needed. Memos with variable content. Usage of images loaded from file.


Physics trainer: Perfect fluids dynamics