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Flag quiz (FlagQuiz).

Description: Quiz, consisting in guessing the country corresponding to a given natioanl flag. The countries to be used during the quiz depend on the .fqz file selected (you may choose a such file by using the "Open" command in the "Quiz" menu). To do the quiz: Select a file, change the contry name language to German if you prefer, push the "Start" button and for each flag displayed, select the country name in the combobox and push "Check". The number of correct and false answers and the success percentage are updated after each answer.

Files provided include: flags of the world (all and a 25 countries selection), flags of Europe (all and a 25 countries selection), flags of Africa, Asia, North and Central America, South America, Australia and Oceanica. You may create your own .fqz file, if you like. Just make a copy of one the provided files and in this new file, (for example called mycountries.fqz), delete the line of all those countries you don't want to be used during the quiz.

Free Pascal features: Selecting a file using the Open dialog, reading a text file (classic Pascal), filling a combobox with data read from a file, displaying images loaded from a file.


Flag quiz