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Five dice grid: Yahtzee-based dice game for 1 player.

Download FiveDiceGrid desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download FiveDiceGrid source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: "Five Dice Grid" is a Yahtzee-based dice game for 1 player. The player rolls 80 dices and places them in a grid of 8 rows x 10 columns. He then must try to get the highest possible score by selecting combinations of 2 to 5 adjacent dices (i.e. dices that touch each other horizontally or vertically) that are removed from the grid. Combinations are similar to those in Yahtzee (and in Poker) and each combination increases the player's score by a given value.
If you think that the score values of the different combinations aren't adequate, you can adapt them by editing the file scores.txt. Just replace the values stated by your own ones.

Free Pascal features: Loading images from files as needed. Showing and hiding, enabling and disabling controls. Using shapes as (selection) markers for other objects. Two-dimensional arrays (classic Pascal).


Five dice grid: Yahtzee-based dice game for 1 player

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