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Logic number puzzle: Factors (inshi-no-heya).

Download Factors desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Factors source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Puzzle game with numbers to be placed onto a grid. The rules of Factors are as follows:
    1. In each field of the NxN grid, write numbers from 1 to N.
    2. In each row and each column (and if selected, in each diagonal), each number must be written exactly once.
    3. The product of the numbers in each area must equal the number given for this area.
The game is a typical logic game: In order to find the correct solution of the puzzle, you have to explore the product values, and by logical thinking (concluding from what you know, that a given field must be a given number, or on the contrary, can't be a given number), determine, to which fields which numbers have to be written. Factors is essentially the same game as Sumdoku, except that with Sumdoku, the sums (and not the products) of the areas are displayed.
The game is played exclusively with the mouse: Click the field, where you want to write a number, then click one of the number buttons to write the corresponding number or Clear to remove the number from the actually selected field.

To do: The unique numbers on diagonals rule is not implemented in the actual version of the puzzle.

Free Pascal features: Changing the color of shapes and the caption of static-texts and labels during runtime. Creating objects during runtime. Two-dimensional arrays and arrays indexed by array elements (classic Pascal).


Factors - a free logic game for PC