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2-player maths game: Find numbers with given divider (Dividers2).

Description: A mathematics game for 2 players, dealing with division and dividers: Among the numbers displayed, press "your" player-key on the keyboard, if the display number (eventually plus or minus a given operator number) has as divider the number displayed in the corresponding field. The player, who finds a correct solution (first), scores; a penalty applies, if the key was pressed for a false solution.
The application has lots of options making the game easier or more difficult: Selection of the maximum display number and maximum divider (is 6 a divider of 39 is rather obvious; is 23 a divider of 253 is not evident to immediately see), the time, during which the numbers are displayed.

Free Pascal features: Catching keyboard key strokes. Usage of timers. Animated randomly colored shapes.


2-player dividers maths game