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Mathematics game: Find numbers with given divider.

Download Dividers desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Dividers source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: A mathematics game, concerning division and dividers: From the numbers displayed in the grid, choose those that (eventually plus or minus a given number) have as divider the number displayed in the corresponding field. To select a number, just click the corresponding square in the grid: The square will be highlighted (yellow) and the number will be added to the answer set; to remove a number from the solution set, click the (yellow) square (becoming green again).
The application has several options making the game easier or more difficult: Selection of the grid size (more difficult to find solution before maximum time allowed is over), maximum number and maximum divider (is 6 a divider of 39 is rather obvious; is 23 a divider of 253 is not evident to immediately see), setting a time limit or resolving the game at your ease.

Free Pascal features: Coloring and hiding shapes; mouse click on shape objects. Creation of objects during runtime. Usage of a timer to impose time limitation to solve a problem.


Mathematics game: Find the numbers with a given divider