Computing: Free Pascal Programming

Electronics simulation: 7-segment displays.

Download Display7seg desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Display7seg source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: This application simulates the following 7-segment displays circuits:

Extensions/improvements: Including the LT, BL, LE pins of the 5411 and the LT, RBI, RBO pins of the 7447 in the simulation. Replacing the simplistic code simulating the 7490 by code that simulates what happens in a real 7490 IC.

Free Pascal features: Combining images and shapes to create a specific layout. Usage of a transparent image to create a "click area" for small objects. Modification of object properties (brush style, shape and image position) during runtime. Click, mousedown and mouseup events. Arrays of records, arrays indexed by characters (classic Pascal).


7-segment display simulation: CC BCD converter controlled by 4 switches
7-segment display simulation: CA BCD converter controlled a counter IC

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