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Windows folder lister.

Download DirList desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download DirList source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Listing of a Windows folder (directory), similar to the one displayed in Windows File Explorer, the major differences being: 1. system files may easily be included in the list and may be marked as being such; 2. the list contains a column with the file attributes (directory, system, hidden, read-only, archive); 3. There are no icons and file type descriptions.
The application is a folder lister, not a file explorer, thus it's not possible to open subfolders or files. On the other hand, the application includes an export functionality, that allows to save the listing as a file. Export file formats available:

 ● Text: a column-like formatted text file.
 ● CSV: text file with all values enclosed in double-quotes and separated by a character defined by the user. These files are suitable to be easily imported into spreadsheet applications like LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel. They may also be used to compare the contents of 2 directories (using an application like WinMerge, for example).
 ● HTML: a webpage file, that may be displayed in a web browser.

Change log:
   Version 1.0 (January 2021): Original program.
   Version 1.1 (May 2021):
      - Export to text file: improper column alignment for lines containing non-ANSI characters fixed.

Free Pascal features: Basic controls. Select Directory and Save As dialog objects. Arrays of records, array sorting, text files creation (classic Pascal). Please, note that the program uses MS Windows specific file attributes and thus is not portable to other (non-Windows) platforms without modifications.


Windows folder listing application: Files and subfolders list
Windows folder listing application: List export to HTML file