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German Bundesländer quiz.

Quiz über die deutschen Bundesländer (deutsche Version dieser Seite)
Download DeutschlandQuiz desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download DeutschlandQuiz source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Quiz about the lands (Bundesländer) of Germany. There are 4 quiz types available:

The capital may be chosen to be entered manually or to be selected from a list. Surface area and number of inhabitants are chosen from a list of the kind "between ... and ...". The answer to the flag-quiz consists of selecting the correct picture from the set of all 16 flag images. Application in German.

Free Pascal features: Filling a combobox with data as needed. Loading random pictures from .jpg files. Resizing (stretching) pictures during runtime. Showing/hiding/using controls depending on the runtime situation.


Germany quiz: Guess the flag of the German Bundesländer