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Maths: Determinant calculation (Determinants).

Description: Calculation of 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 determinants with display of the expansion minors, just as if you calculated the determinant by hand.
Choose the size of the determinant in the "File" menu. 2x2 determinant calculation is done in the main window, for higher sizes, a new window opens. Just enter the determinant values and push "Calculate". For 4x4 determinants, only the 3x3 expansion minors are displayed; you can expand any of these (with display of its 2x2 minors) by pushing the corresponding "Expand Dn" button.

Free Pascal features: Basic controls. Shapes. Multi-dimensional arrays (classical Pascal). Multiple forms (each of them containing its own code to do a specific task).


4x4 determinant calculation