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Radioactive decay equations.

Download Decay1 desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Decay1 source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Nuclear physics application, generating exercises concerning radioactive decay equations. The program randomly chooses a parent isotope and a decay type (α, β-, β+, ε). The user has to find the daughter isotope, the atomic mass, mass number and number of neutrons of both isotopes, as well as the corresponding decay equation.
Help items include the periodic table of elements (with display of the elements' Z and A, needed to solve the exercises), a physics text about radioactive decay and a text concerning the application usage.

Free Pascal features: Usage of string grids to display table data. Hiding/showing or enabling/disabling controls depending on the runtime situation. Filling data into another form's controls. Reading text files into complex structures of arrays of records of arrays (classic Pascal).


Free PC application: Radioactive decay equation exercises