Computing: Free Pascal Programming

DNA properties, transcription and translation.

Download DNABasics desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download DNABasics source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: DNABasics is a biology application primarily intended for students and people interested in the basics of molecular genetics: Simple statistics and molecular weight of a DNA sequence, transcription of DNA to RNA, translation of RNA to proteins. Sequences (raw data or FASTA format) may be entered manually, loaded from a file or randomly generated. All sequences may be saved to a file, with the number of characters per line chosen by the user. Translation may be done for the complete sequence (using any of the 3 reading frames), or considering the start and/or stop codon. A translation report informs the user, what part of the sequence has actually been translated.

Free Pascal features: Memo texts and ANSI strings manipulations. TOpen and TSave dialogs. Reading and writing text files (classic Pascal). Using a second form for configuration data input. Showing, hiding and rearranging form components.


Molecular genetics PC application: DNA properties, transcription and translation