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Electronics: Transistor switches (DCircuits2).

Description: Determination of the base resistance(s) of 1, 2 or 3 transistor switch digital circuits. The application may be used to calculate the base resistance(s) for a given circuit, as well as to generate exercises where the user has to calculate the resistance(s) using the values randomly chosen by the progam. The program offers options to cosider or not the base-emitter voltage drop or to use standard resistor values instead of the exact values calculated. Help with transistor switch circuits, a list of the standard resistors and program usage help are included in PDF format.

To avoid getting "wrong answer" messages, be sure to read the notes in the "DCircuits2" help document!

Version 1.1 (August 2018): Bug fixed: IB1/IC1 currents < 0.001mA are now displayed with 4 or 5 decimal digits, avoiding that they are displayed as 0.

Free Pascal features: Reading data from a text file (classic Pascal). Using a second form for data entry; passing data from one form to another. Displaying PDF documents.


Electronics application: Transistor switches