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RC circuits (Condensateurs).


Description: Electronics related application, studying the voltage and the current as a function of time during charge/discharge of a capacitor. To do the calculations:

The program calculates Umax, Imax and the time constant τ, choosing the units in a way that their values may be represented "as small numbers with just 3 fractional digits". The u(t) or i(t) curve is drawn from t = 0 to t = 5τ, where the capacitor may be considered completely charged/discharged.

Help with the physics of RC circuits as well as with the usage of the program (in French as the application itself) is included.

Improvement: Display of both curves on the same graph in the case of discharge, too.

Free Pascal features: Using bitmap canvas to draw maths function graphs. Displaying help using a Memo object on a second form; filling a Memo object from a text file.


RC circuits: Charge of a capacitor
RC circuits: Discharge of a capacitor