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Color addition and subtraction.

Download Colors desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Colors source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Physics application concerning the addition and subtraction of colors. The program generates simple exercises, where the user has to determine the resulting color on a sheet of white paper, illuminated by 2 bulbs of different color resp. the color of the light transmitted by a given color filter, illuminated by a given color bulb. Beside the colors, the user has to (optionally) enter the equation of the color addition or subtraction process. In order to learn about and understand the physics of colors, the application provides a learning mode, where the color addition and subtraction examples are displayed, solution included. Basics of the physics of light and application help are available from the application's menu bar.

Free Pascal features: Using canvas to draw lines, rectangles and ellipses. Arrays of records (classic Pascal).


Physics of light: Addition of two colors
Physics of light: Subtraction of two colors