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Find the differently colored circle.

Download ColorCircles desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download ColorCircles source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Game for 1 or 2 players: In two grids with colored circles, find the pair that, for the same relative position, have different colors. In 1-player mode, you play so to say against time; in 2-player mode, the players play against each other in alternate turns, the one, who needs the shortest time to find the circle with a different color, being the one who will score. Settings include circle-grids of different sizes, a selectable number of possible colors and an option, useful for children and people having problems with their eyes, to use colors that are easy to distinguish.
The application is based on the program Farbkreise, part of Mathematik alpha 2018, a great collection of mathematics related problems, exercises, simulations, games... Only available in German.

Note: In the actual version 1.0, some features of the game aren't available...

Free Pascal features: Randomly colored shapes; changing size and position of a shape during runtime; mouse click events on TShape objects.


Free PC application: Color circles game