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World clock (Clock).

Description: Simple clock application with display of UTC time, local time and time in 8 world cities (London, New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Beijing, Sydney, Kapstad). Time calculations are based on a configuration file (clock.ini), that may be edited (manually only!), thus allowing the user to display the time of the 8 cities, that she prefers. Note, that when running the program for the first time, a pop-up message will tell you, that your home local is not yet configured. Choose "Configuration ..." in the "Settings" menu, and enter all (time related) data for your city. You'll have to reconfigure the application, each time, your home local changes (different time zone).

Free Pascal features: Working with dates; usage of the date and time functions of the SysUtils and the DateUtils units. Reading and writing .INI files. Using bitmap canvas for drawing.


Clock with UTC, local and 8 world cities time