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Circle geometry.

Download Circles desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Circles source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Analytical geometry application, concerning circles. The application allows four types of calculations:

The circle may be defined either by its center's coordinates and its radius R, or by the coordinates of two of its points A and B, with length of [AB] = R. The usage of the application seems evident for me, thus, I didn't include any help text. For details concerning the equation of circles, tangents and the intersection of a circle with a line or another circle, please have a look at a math book or search the Internet.

Possible extensions: Outer and inner squares with sides, that aren't parallel to Ox and Oy. Determination of other outer and inner shapes, such as, for example, triangles.

Free Pascal features: Re-arranging form controls during runtime. Showing/hiding controls as needed. Drawing mathematical objects, using bitmap canvas. Scaling canvas drawings. Usage of trackbars.


Circle geometry PC application: Determination of the tangent at a given circle point
Circle geometry PC application: Intersection of 2 circles