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Fully customized Christmas tree.

Download Christmas desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Christmas source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: A simple application, that you may share with people, you care for, as a Christmas gift. A picture of a Christmas tree (the one, that they set up on the market place of the village, where I squat for now more than four years) with colored balls and a message text, all of this full customized by the user. You may use the default text "Merry Christmas" available as selection in 10 languages or any text, that you enter yourself; a second personal text may also be added, Several font colors and sizes are possible. The message may be chosen as static, blinking or displayed by adding one letter at a time. Several shapes and colors are available for the Christmas balls, the same for all of them, several color-groups or random. As the balls are in fact lights, you may choose them being static or blinking, and this following one of several possible patterns: all together, alternate groups, randomly. And this by the frequency, that you prefer...

Change log:
    Version 1.0 (February 2020): Original program
    Version 1.1 (October 2020):
        - Additional settings: second (personal) message; multi-shape balls

Possible extensions: Adding further options: Number of balls, ball size, further blinking patterns...

Free Pascal features: Using timers for blinking and other effects. Showing and hiding controls. Changing shape and font properties during runtime.


Fully customized Christmas tree PC application