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Provinces of China quiz.

Download ChinaQuiz desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download ChinaQuiz source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Quiz, consisting in guessing the capital, the area size, the population size, the population density, or the capital urban population size of a given province of China. What the quiz is about, may be selected by the user. Answers are normally given by choosing an item from those listed in the combobox, except for Capitals (manual), where the users have to find and enter the capital by themselves. Push Question to generate a question, Answer to check your answer. The success percentage is updated automatically. Use the New command in the Quiz menu to start a new quiz (this also re-enables the Selection menu).

Free Pascal features: Showing and hiding controls as needed; getting input from an edit field or a combobox depending on the situation. Filling a combobox with data from an array.


Chinese provinces quiz: Province area size
Chinese provinces quiz: Province population density