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Learning, how the chess pieces move.

Download ChessMoves desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download ChessMoves source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: ChessMoves is an interactive graphical application, intended for absolute chess beginners, who may use it to learn to correctly move the different kind chess pieces. Instead of reading in a chess book "the bishop moves diagonally only", the application users can take a bishop piece, place it on the board and let them show, where the bishop actually may move or, alternately, try to move the piece themselves, the program telling them, if the move is valid or not. But, the application isn't limited to a single piece on the board: User may also train themselves in setting up the chess board, trying out all possible moves at game opening, trying out the castling move and trying to move the different pieces in 6 predefined game situations. This includes moves to empty fields, captures, setting the opponent check and forbidden moves, in particular of the king piece, when it tries to move into check.
A quick start guide, help concerning the chess rules and a detailed description of how to use the application are included.

Note for programmers: In the actual version 1.0, not all chess rules, as used by he application, are implemented within the code. Some features (such the forbidden moves) are actually based on situation-depending data (string constants); cf. the source for details.

Possible extensions: Adding further features such as piece capture with considering if the captured piece is protected; setting the opponent check or checkmate, etc.

Free Pascal features: Loading (exchanging) images from files. Using different color shapes to highlight a given area. Image-clicking event. Complex data structures (classic Pascal)


PC application to learn how the chess pieces move: Moving the queen
PC application to learn how the chess pieces move: Setting the opponent checkmate