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Castles of South, North and East Europe picture-quiz.

Schlösser in Süd-, Nord- und Osteuropa Fotoquiz (deutsche Version dieser Seite)
Download CastlesQuiz4 desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download CastlesQuiz4 source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Geography quiz about the castles in South, North and East Europe. The quiz consists of the castle photos, displayed in random order and the player (resp. the two players) have to find the castle's name, by selecting it from a list. The questions may be about the complete picture set (92 photos), or be limited to given regions: North Europe (15 photos), East Europe (20 photos), North and East Europe (35 photos), South Europe (57 photos), Spain and Portugal (16 photos), Italy (39 photos). The difficulty level may be adjusted by choosing the number of castle name choices, that will be proposed to select from; the "no correct answer" choice may be included or excluded.
Another feature of the application is a slideshow, allowing to display the castle photos of one of the region lists with their name.
The application GUI is in German, but should not cause a real problem if you don't speak this language. Castle names are mostly the local ones, some are in German, for others both local and German name are available.

Free Pascal features: Loading pictures from file and random pictures display. Usage of a timer to create a slideshow. Filling a combobox and setting radio buttons caption during run-time. Getting user input from combobox or radio buttons, depending on situation.


Geography quiz: Guess the name of the castle on the photo