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Electronic circuits: Measurement bridges.

Download BridgeCircuits desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download BridgeCircuits source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Electronics application that may be used to calculate an unknown resistance, capacitance, or inductance using common measurement bridge circuits. The circuits included are: Wheatstone's bridge, Maxwell's bridge, Hay's bridge, Schering's bridge and Wien's bridge (determination of the frequency value of an AF range). The application doesn't include any help text: Just fill in the known circuit values and push the "Calculate" button to determine the unknown resistance, capacitance or inductance.

Free Pascal features: Basic controls: menus, labels, edit fields, memos, push buttons. Applying sub- and superscripts to label captions and memo text.


Electronic circuits: Measurement bridges - Mexwell bridge
Electronic circuits: Measurement bridges - Schering bridge