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Bacteriology: Basic bacteria identification.

Download Bacteriology desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Bacteriology source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: "Bacteriology" is a basic bacteria identification application. A given clinical infection scenario may be associated with a certain number of bacteria, that may be considered as the most probable cause of the infection. A basic bacterial identification, based on the staining method (or the bacteria cell wall), the shape of the microorganism and, for even more precision, on the microorganisms growth requirements, can give precious information, that allows a doctor to eliminate those microorganisms, that haven't the features observed, in order to identify the most likely cause of the infection. The application user selects some clinical scenario and chooses the features of the bacteria that causes the infection. From the bacteria associated with the scenario, the application eliminates those, that are not compatible with the features chosen, and (if there are bacteria left in the list) displays the most likely cause(s) of the infection.
The data used by the application is based on the tables of "Microbiology Nuts & Bolts: Basic Bacterial Identification by Microscopy" ( For further details, please, have a look at the ReadMe.txt file, included within the download archive.

Free Pascal features: Basic controls: radio groups, combo boxes, edit fields, push buttons. Complex data structures: arrays of records, containing array items; array elements indexed by the item of a record, that is an element of another array (classic Pascal). Reading text files (classic Pascal).


Bacteriology: Basic bacteria identification