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Bacteria growth on 2 substrates (Bacteria2).

Description: Biology simulation, showing bacteria growth on 2 substrate, using an extension of the Monod model, which uses the concentration of key enzymes to model the fact that bacteria, growing on 2 substrates, prefer the one (consume all of it, before starting with the other) on which the grow the fastest.
Simulation data is entered in the main window. Use "Start" to start the simulation: the number of bacteria pictures will increase/decrease as time passes and the bar showing the concentrations of the 2 substrates show how those are consumed (just see what happens if you exchange the initial enzyme concentrations; cf. included help for details). Default simulation time interval is 15sec growth time corresponding to 1 second real time; this may be changed in the "Settings" menu.
This visual part of the simulation is more programming fun of myself than really scientificly useful. If you are seriously interested in the simulation results, use the "Graph" button to display the variation of the bacteria biomass and the nutrients concentration vs. time.

Possible extensions: Including the variation of the two enzyme concentrations in the simulation output and the graph.

Free Pascal features: Creating images during program execution. Using a timer and the 'Left', 'Top' and 'Visibility' property of images to create simple simulation programs. Using canvas controls to draw mathematical graphs.


Bacteria growth: Simulation window
Bacteria growth: Graph window