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Arithmetic baubles (Arithmetic3).


Description: Generation of arithmetic problems that may be used by primary school pupils to learn:

  1. Attentively reading and understanding of a problem.
  2. Logical thinking and applying it to the question asked.
  3. Basic arithmetic operations (with integer numbers below 100).
  4. Fractions (halfs, third, quarters, fifths).
You may choose between a test with 1 problem of each type, or a test with random question type; there is also a learn modus, where the answers are displayed with the questions. The question types that will be used, may be selected in the "Einstellungen" menu. The program also gives the possibility to create a text file with 1 question of each type. Detailed program help (in German, as the application itself) is available in the "Hilfe" menu.

Free Pascal features: Writing text files using a temporary Memo object. Displaying help text using a second form. Entering user data using a second form.


Arithmetic baubles (GUI version)