Computing: Free Pascal Programming

Electronics: Transistor amplifiers.

Download Amplifiers desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Amplifiers source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Electronics application, concerning simple transistor amplifier circuits. The program may be used to calculate the values of a given circuit's components, as well as an exercise generator. Three types of circuits available:

The program does not include help, about how these calculations are done, but mostly it's a simple application of Ohm's Laws; if you haven't the necessary electronics background, please have a look at a physics book or website. Program usage is explained in a PDF document, accessible from the application's menu bar. To avoid to get your biasing resistances evaluated as false, even though they may be considered as correct, be sure to read the paragraph about standard resistances in the help document.

Free Pascal features: Using a second form for data entry; passing data from one form to another. Changing control properties (visibility, readonly attribute, caption, color, position) during runtime. Display of PDF documents.


Free electronics PC application: Transistor amplifiers (here circuit analysis)