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Learn the alphabet (Alphabet).

Description: Educational application, intended to help pre-primary-school children to learn the alphabet (the English or German letters). The program chooses a random letter and outputs it as audio; the pupil has to find all occurences of this letter in a grid filled with random letters (usage of upper- resp. lowercase may be chosen in the "Options" menu) or alternatively in a grid filled with English resp. German words.
Use the "Start" button to start a new test (this button becoming "Play" for the subsequent letters): The letter to find is output as audio and the grid is filled. The user may now select the fields, that she thinks containing the letter. Selection is done by clicking a grid field; clicking it again unselects it. To re-listen the letter, use "Replay", to check your answer, push "Check". The color of the grid fields will show, if you did well: Lime (green) means a correct choice, red a bad one (wrong letter), magenta teling you, that you missed the letter in this field. The evaluation counters are updated after each letter done.

Change log:
Version 1.0 (June 2019): Original version.
Version 1.1 (December 2019): Addition of the German letters option and files.
Version 1.2 (January 2020): Ameliorated German audio files. Some GUI fixes.

Note: The addition of the German letters has made the code more complicated. As Free Pascal beginners may be interested in the original code, I let the original (English letters only) version available for download.

Free Pascal features: Changing the color of shapes and the caption of static-texts during execution. Playing .wav audio files, using MMSystem (Windows-API unit). Handling variables of the TUTF8Char type.


Learn the alphabet: English letters
Learn the alphabet: German words