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Music alarm clock (AlarmClock).

Description: Alarm clock with individual time/music settings for each week day resp. 3 freely selectable dates. Choose the time resp. date and time and the audio file you'd like to be the alarm and push the "Start" button to activate the alarm. The "Hide" command in the "Alarm" menu may be used to hide the alarm clock window in the system tray. Clicking the tray icon will restore the window. If "dates alarm" is selected, alarms that have been rung are unchecked; if there aren't any coming alarms left, the alarm clock is stopped and the application window restored.

All selections, that you make (dates, times, audio directory and files) are stored in a file, so they may be used the next time, the application is started. To reset this file to its default values (as specified in the file AlarmClock_default.INI), use the "Reset" command in the "Alarm" menu.

Free Pascal features: Reading and writing of INI files. Date and time pickers. File open dialog. Timers. Hiding an application in the system tray. Playing MP3 files, using the default audio player.


Music alarm clock application