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Mineral acid-base reactions.

Download AcidBase desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download AcidBase source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Chemistry trainer (exercise generator), concerning mineral acid-base reactions. Exercises include acid and the base given by the application and the user having to guess the salt, as well as the salt given and the user having to find the acid and the base. The user has to enter the (not given) formula(s), the ionic composition of reactants and product and the (molecular) equation of the reaction, balanced of course. Optionally, the names of the molecules are also included in the test (with the possibility to give the acid and the base resp. the salt by their name instead of their formula).

Issue: Subscripts for atom/atom group numbers and superscripts for the ion charge number and sign, as well as the arrow between reactants and products are entered using buttons. I actually have not found a way to position the cursor at the end of an edit field after inserting data by program code. By default, the cursor goes to position 1 and entering characters after applying a sub-/superscript would place those at the beginning, instead at the end of the entry. I choose to focus the field after insertion by button. This does not resolve the problem and users still have to push the end-of-line key after each button-insertion, but doing so, the selection (highlighting) of the entry is probably the best way to tell/remember users, that they have to do an end-of-line, before continuing to enter characters.

Free Pascal features: Subscripts and superscripts. Inserting data into an edit field using push buttons. Complex data structures (classic Pascal).


Free chemistry PC application: Mineral acid-base exercises