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Electronics trainer - RLC circuits (ACircuits1).

Description: Generation of physics/electronics exercises concerning RLC circuits. Circuits to solve range from simple circuits with a simple resistor to series and parallel circuits with resistor, inductor and capacitor. Depending on the exercise type, the one values are given by the application, the others having to be calculated by the user. Choose the circuits, you want the test to be about in the "Circuits" menu, click "Start/Next" to generate an exercise, use the "Check" button to check your answers. Success percentage is automatically updated after each exercise. A new test may be started by the "New" command in the "Test" menu.

Beside tests with questions and answers, the application also offers a learn mode. If you check "View" in the "Options" menu, all exercise results will be displayed by the program. You may switch from test to learn mode at any moment; if you switch back, the test continues at the point where it was left. Help with the physics formulas and the program usage is included.

Note: The application considers the RLC systems in a simplified way, doing only real number calculations. A more realistic approach would be to use complex numbers or phasors. As is done here, only the magnitude of voltages, currents and impedances are considered; angles (except the phase angle between the total voltage and the total current) are ignored.

Free Pascal features: Random numbers depending on the value of other variables (classical Pascal). Displaying help using a Memo object on a second form; filling a Memo object from a text file. Images.


Electronics trainer: RLC circuits