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Amino acid statistics (AAStats).

Description: Quantitative analysis of proteins: Count and graphical display (charts) of amino acids by number, structure (class), volume (size), polarity, charge, sidechain specificity, hydropathy, diet-requirements and metabolism.
Proteins may be entered directly or loaded from file; both raw data and FASTA format are supported. Amino acid coding may be set to 1-letter or 3-letters code; non standard case (lowercase 1-letter codes or all uppercase 3-letter codes) may be allowed using the "Settings" menu. To use the program, choose numbers or the desired classification, load the protein (5 sample proteins included in the download .zip archieve), set the coding and push the "Counts" button. Results are displayed as table data as well as as bar and pie chart.
For help with proteins and amino acids classification, please search the Internet or have a look at a biochemistry book.

Free Pascal features: Reading data from text file into a Memo; working with Memo data; using StringGrids to display data as tables. Displaying statistical data as bar and pie charts.


Amino acids statistics