Computing: Old Operating System Software

What's new?

2024.07.22   OS/2   New article available: Running Microsoft Word and Excel on OS/2 1.3.

2024.07.19   DOS   New article available: Viewing PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2024.07.10   OS/2   New article available: ColorWorks - A powerful, full-featured photo editing program designed exclusively for OS/2.

2024.06.27   OS/2   New article available: Lotus SmartSuite For OS2 Warp 4 - A complete office suite for OS/2 computers.

2024.06.24   First Windows   New article available: Paint applications for Windows 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x.

2024.05.28   Old Windows   Updated my Correctly working program versions on old Windows releases series: Added the informational text Installing and running Microsoft Publisher on old Windows releases.

2024.05.18   Windows 3.1   New publication available: CorelDRAW! 4 - A complete graphics package for Windows 3.1.

2024.04.29   Windows 98/Me   New publication available: 20/20 - A professional quality image editing tool.

2024.04.21   Windows 1.x   New publication available: Micrografx Windows Graph – Commercial application for creating business graphs and charts.

    Windows 2.x   Two new publications available:
    WinGraph – A simple business graphing presentation program.
    ABC Flowcharter – A flowchart creation application with export to WMF functionality.

2024.02.28   BeOS   New publication available: AbiWord - There was a version of the open source word processor for BeOS, too.

2024.02.10   OS/2   New publication available: Stardock Object Desktop – Amazing desktop enhancement and system utilities.

2024.01.28   DOS   New publication available: CUPS physics simulations – A collection of professional physics programs. If you are a DOS nostalgic and interrested in physics, these are applications that will probably like a lot!

2024.01.15   Windows 1.x   Three new publications available:
    Aldus PageMaker - One of the first desktop publishing programs for Mac and Windows;
    Micrografx In-a-Vision - A vector based drawing program for the first Windows release;
    Omnis Quartz - The first database application for Microsoft Windows.