Computing: Old Operating System Software

DOS Software.

This page is about software for DOS operating systems. All programs on this page, have been tested on VMware Workstation 16 virtual machines, mostly using FreeDOS version 1.3 RC5. Concerning programming related software, please, visit the DOS, OS/2 & Windows Programming: DOS Programming section on my site.

1. System, security and network
  • Aida32: DOS system information tool that detects lots of (relatively recent, ca. 2004) hard- and software
2. Home, office, multimedia and Internet
3. Education, mathematics and science
4. Games and entertainment
  • Chessmaster 2000: DOS version of the famous Windows chess program
  • The Fidelity Chessmaster 2100: Chess program for DOS
  • Argo Checkers: A really nice checkers game for DOS
  • Gomoku: A simple 5-in-a-row game
5. Utilities and other software