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20.01.21   Free Pascal   The 7th of my Lazarus/Free Pascal GUI applications, dealing with logic-gates based electronic circuits: Simulation of binary multipliers.

17.01.21   Free Pascal   New language related Lazarus/Free Pascal GUI application ready: Learn the Hebrew alphabet. New version, with some improvements, of the Learn the Greek alphabet application.

16.01.21   Computing   Little help text in the Computer basics: System and security section: Installing .NET framework 3.5 on Windows 10.

15.01.21   Free Pascal   New maths trainer exercise generator for primary school pupils available in the Lazarus/Free Pascal GUI applications section: Column calculations - Multiplication.

12.01.21   Free Pascal   New computing related Lazarus/Free Pascal GUI application available for download: Directory lister shows the objects (files and subfolders) of a folder with name, extension, type (system or other), size, date and file attributes. The listing may be exported to a file: text, CSV or HTML.

08.01.21   Homeless   New article in the Experiences and reflections section of my "Homeless life in Luxembourg" site: Impressions of an afternoon spent in Luxembourg-City.

04.01.21   Free Pascal   New version of my Lazarus/Free Pascal GUI application Classic Memory game, the picture sets being no longer included within the application archive, but may be individually downloaded from my site (link for this added to the application's menu). 4 new picture sets available: mountains, lakes, fall, castles.

03.01.21   Free Pascal   New version of my Lazarus/Free Pascal command line program monthly count of the downloads from a website available, the year to be considered now entered by the user (instead of automatically using the current year).

06.11.20   General   The problem with my CGI scripts not only affecting access to MySQL, and possibly not only being limited to Perl, I decided to temporarily remove most of my web applications from the server, in particular the HTML color picker and the 4 maths exercise generators.

04.11.20   General   For technical reasons (problems within the code of database related Perl scripts), AnimalDB has been taken offline (probably for a longer period).

26.08.18   General   Finally it has become a reality: my own .lu domain! Big thanks to the one, who made this possible!

07.06.18   General   Due to the kindness of a gentle and friendly man, I had the chance to get an account on the HelioHost "Tommy" server. I made the decision to restart my "In the street with a laptop" website with a new URL:

May 2018   General   Crash of the "Johnny" server and the need to entirely rebuild it. My website down for over a month. In a mood fluctuating between resignation and new hope, I continued to develop Lazarus/Free Pascal programs and writing homeless related articles.

Dec 2017   General   Creation of an account on the HelioHost test server "Johnny" and started the "In the street with my laptop" website with URL, containing informatics related stuff (in particular my Lazarus/Free Pascal applications) as well as information concerning the homeless people in Luxembourg.