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Maths: Linear equations in 1 variable.

1. Solving linear equations in 1 variable.
Linear equations in 1 variable are part of any basic mathematics course. Such equations have the gerneral form:
    ax + b = 0
and may have one unique solution, no solution or an infinity of solutions.
If you are not sure how to proceed to solve this kind of equations, you may want to have a look at the first part of my maths tutorial: Linear, quadratic and cubic equations in one variable.
2. Linear equations in 1 variable online exercise generator.
My online web application is based on my Free Pascal desktop application Equations1, that may be downloaded in the Free Pascal GUI Applications section of my site. The equations generated have one of the following forms:
    a1x + b1 = a2x + b2
    m(a1x + b1) = a2x + b2
Grouping the x-coefficients and the constants, will always lead to the general form of a 1-variable linear equation: ax + b = 0.
Use the following link to start the online application. For details about the Perl source code, see below...
3. Linear equations in 1 variable Perl script.
Download not yet ready...