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What's new?

2023.11.27   Linux   Started with a new tutorial: An overview of installing updates on given Linux operating systems. For the moment, you find information about the update of 20 Debian/Devuan/Ubuntu based distributions.

2023.11.18   VMware   New help text available: CD switching not recognized in (some) virtual machines.

2023.11.11   Linux   New tutorial available: Viewing system information on Ubuntu.

2023.10.27   BSD   New tutorial available: Using a floppy drive on FreeBSD.

2023.10.17   Linux   New tutorial available: Setting up a Software RAID 1 on a running Linux distribution.

2023.09.22   Network   New help text available: Windows Firewall: Allowing intranet computers to access local webserver.

2023.09.19   BeOS   New tutorial available: BeOS 5 Professional post-installation setup, including network configuration and the installation of some patches.

2023.09.06   DOS   New tutorial available: Running 3 different DOS on the same machine. It contains details about a triple boot of MS-DOS 7.10, PC-DOS 2000 and MS-DOS 6.22, using the OS/2 Boot Manager to select and start the DOS that you want to run.

2023.08.28   BSD   New tutorial available: Setting up a FreeBSD workstation (on VMware). It contains details about the installation of FreeBSD, the installation of Open VM Tools, the configuration of Xorg and the installation of KDE Plasma 5.

2023.08.13   BeOS   New tutorial available: Installing BeOS 5 Professional Edition. This works fine on VMware, with a screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels and in full color...

2023.07.21   Linux   New tutorial available: Backing up a Linux (Ubuntu) VPS, with details about how to backup the users' home directories (including the website) using the Linux "tar" utility, as well as about how to backup mySQL/MariaDB databases using phpMyAdmin.

2023.07.18   macOS   New problems related help text available: Unable to write data onto my USB flash drive.

2023.07.14   OS/2   New tutorial available: Installing the high resolution SNAP graphics driver on OS/2 Warp 3.

2023.07.08   macOS   New help text available: Installing the package manager Homebrew.

2023.07.05   Network   New help text available: Computer name, DNS domain name and workgroup name on Windows. The text shows how do this on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

2023.07.03   Linux   New problems related text available: Unable to change password in Ubuntu user account settings. The text shows how it can easily be done in a terminal.

2023.06.27   Windows   New tips and tricks text available: Installing a PDF printer on Windows 2000 (Bullzip PDF Printer). It includes details to install the printer software requirements: Internet Explorer 5 or higher, Windows Installer 3.1, .NET framework 2.0.

2023.06.23   BeOS   New tutorial available: BeOS 5 Personal Edition post-installation setup, with details concerning the screen resolution (failure), sound, the network, keyboard and timezone, patches and software installation.

2023.06.12   macOS   New tutorial concerning security available: Installing antivirus software on macOS.

2023.06.09   Windows/Linux   New tutorial concerning the installation of Windows and Linux on the same computer available: Installing a Windows and Linux dual boot (UEFI boot with Windows 10).

2023.06.01   VMware   And another problems related help text available: VMware Tools problem on Debian 10 based systems. The text explains how to solve the "unable to find the 'depmod' program" problem, as well as what to do if you get a "packages don't have an installation candidate" error message.

2023.05.28   VMware   New problems related help text available: VMware: Irrecoverable error when accessing floppy diskettes.

2023.05.23   Windows   New tutorial available: Installing Windows 3.0 with Multimedia Extensions 1.0. Important to note that I did not succeed to make sound work on my VMware virtual machine.

2023.05.20   Linux   New help text available: Some tips concerning NixOS (System hanging during installation, making updates, installing software, accessing NTFS partitions, changing the hostname).

2023.05.13   Windows   Not everything on Windows 3 works as you would expect and, in particular, the installation of the 1024x768 256 colors SVGA driver seems only be possible if some other features are installed. So if, following my tutorial concerning the installation of this driver results in a failure, or if you encounter other problems on Windows 3, my new article Unresolved "mysteries" concerning Windows 3.x setup might be helpful.

2023.05.05   Linux   New problems related help text available: Black screen on Mageia after changing screen resolution.

2023.04.27   DOS   New (long and detailed) tutorial available: Harddisk repartitioning on FreeDOS. It includes the description of PResizer, an amazing DOS utility to resize and move FAT16 and FAT32 partitions.

2023.04.22   BeOS   New tutorial available: Installing BeOS 5 Personal Edition.

2023.04.18   OS/2   New tutorial available: Adding multimedia support to OS/2 2.x.

2023.03.16   Windows   Being unclear and incomplete (sorry!), I have entirely rewritten my problems related help text Missing VXD and DLL files on Windows 95.

2023.03.11   Linux   New help text available: Network configuration on Slackware Linux.

2023.03.09   Windows   New help text available: Installing the unofficial service pack 3.1 on Windows 98 SE.

2023.02.28   Linux   New (long and detailed) tutorial available: Installing a Linux dual boot with one harddisk (common user files).

2023.02.20   General   Reorganization of the section: Increasing the number of subsections from 5 to 7, removing macOS and DOS from Other OS and giving them their own subsection. Sorry, for the "Error 404 (Not found)" pages, that you probably get when clicking the link to macOS and DOS related documents in Google Search. It will take some time for them to update the URLs...

2023.02.07   Windows   New problems on Windows virtual machines related help text available. VMware: Parallel port problems on Windows 9x/Me.

2023.02.03   Windows   New old Windows related tutorial available: Adding sound support to Windows 3.1 and 3.11.

2023.01.30   Network   New (rather long and detailed) tutorial available: Setting up a Windows Homegroup.

2023.01.23   macOS   And another help text available: Opening a macOS app from an unidentified developer.

2023.01.22   macOS   New help text available: Changing application (and other file) icons on macOS.

2023.01.20   Windows   New help text available: Running 32bit applications on Windows 3.1 and 3.11.

2023.01.05   VMware   New tutorial available: Expanding a VMware virtual disk.