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What's new?

2024.03.15   Linux   New help text available: Configuring the GRUB bootloader. It shows how to install and use the GUI application GRUB Customizer to change the GRUB boot settings on Debian based Linux distributions.

2024.03.03   DOS   New help text available: Running 32-bit applications on DOS. It shows how to use CWSDPMI.EXE to run C, NASM and Free Pascal 32-bit programs, resp. to use EMX.EXE to run g77 32-bit programs on a standard 16-bit DOS operating system.

2024.02.23   Linux   Update of the tutorial An overview of installing updates on given Linux operating systems: Added information about the Ubuntu based distribution Rhino Linux.

2024.01.02   DOS   New tutorial available: Using 4DOS as command line interpreter on FreeDOS.