In the street with my laptop

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About this site.

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This site is the personal homepage of a teach-it-yourself programmer, living as homeless in the street in Luxembourg, Western Europe. In fact, there are 2 (perhaps you could even say 3) different sites, grouped under one same domain. The reason, why I chose the domain name streetinfo, is because 1. the info on the site is build in the street and 2. the site contains INFOrmation (about the homeless life in my country), as well as INFOrmatics (programs and computer tutorials).

Memory game application   Computing and programming.
Beside general computer related information (computer tutorials and scientific articles), the site contains program code, that I wrote during these last years (or that I'm actually working on), in particular programs developed with Lazarus/Free Pascal and Web based database applications created with Perl-CGI and MySQL, including big projects as my personal animal database. Most of these applications are in English, but for some of them, the user interface and data are in German, Luxembourgish or French. All code is freely downloadable. Important to remember that it is distributed "as is", that is without any warranty of any kind!

Proteins comparison script   Biology and bioinformatics.
It's a big project, that I started in 2016, pausing it after (for the 4th time) my laptop was stolen by those people, from whom our social services tell us, how important it would be, to be there for them. The idea was to create a library of Perl modules resolving biology related problems, modules to be used in scripts dealing with classical, popular and molecular genetics as well as with mathematical biology and bioinformatics. All documentation (biology background and program description), as well as the scripts themselves are in English. Not being easy to do informatics, when living in the street, it will take time to review the code and thus before I get ready to start publishing the project.

Human dignity article   Street life in Luxembourg.
Nothing to do with computing, but lots with me and my life. My "SDF" site contains articles written, during my homeless situation, in particular those dealing with the actual situation in the social centers, where the guys from here not only loose more and more all these basic services, that were for us before, but also have less and less possibility to go there, without being forced to endure noise and bugging, without having to fear for their stuff and even for their bones. The social site is in French, some of my articles being in Luxembourgish, German or English. An idea in mind is to give homeless people the opportunity to use the site, in order to tell their own life-story and their own experiences with our social services. Project for the future...