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Statistics: Monthly and yearly visitors, viewed pages and downloads.

Monthly statistics.

Unique visitors1,7022,1152,144
Total visits2,0212,5502,550
Visits 15min+     62   105     68
Total pages viewed3,9625,2573,921
FPC sources download   931   450   635
FPC executables download   788   191   452
Personal articles download   110     56   108

Yearly statistics.

Unique visitors   9,316   8,49720,056
Total visits13,89210,70326,524
Visits 15min+   1,020     350  2,377
Total pages viewed34,75223,55549,534
FPC sources download   8,122   7,12910,621
FPC executables download   6,185   5,629   7,935
Personal articles download     637     794   1,287

Statistics based on counts done by awstats statistics web application.
The lower visits numbers for 2021 and in paticular the lower number of pages and visits 15min+ are very probably due to the fact that AnimalDB has been taken offline end 2020. Also, I think that awstats does not work correctly on my VPS, failing to update the statistics on Saturdays and the last day of the month.